Help Reduce the Risk of Impact Injuries among a Variety of Sportsmen and Women

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From the professional arena, stadium or track to the local high school or community practice fields, whether your turf is Natural or Synthetic, Wood Bay’s fds series turf dethatchers have (according to our customers) become one of the most essential tools in their fleet of turf maintenance equipment. The fds series Turf Dethatchers save time and money in field preparation. Not only do they promote healthier turf but cover the ground quicker and more effectively than any other comparable machines. Many testimonials relate to "after flood" ground preparation and the fds series have been responsible for removing silt to help restore the turf to its former glory.


According to Baltimore Raven’s Director of Fields and Grounds, Don Follett, the fds 9200 (the machine he uses) not only aids in lowering the germination time when overseeding his heavily utilized natural turf practise fields, but it is the best tool for decompacting artificial turf - an important factor in helping to reduce the risk of heavy impact injuries among all levels of football players.

What special features do the fds series come with to meet your dethatching and decompacting needs?

  • 92 - 46 inch operating swath to cover a variety of surfaces in one pass
  • 4 - free floating sections to easily meet challenging undulations in surrounds
  • spring-loaded 16 inch tines resonate to bring up more thatch on natural turf and over compacted synthetic turf without damaging fibers
  • the spring-loaded tines are much more durable and less invasive than stiff harrow tines
  • height control system adjusts from light to aggressive downward pressure, with minimal effort for the operator
  • an easy hook up to your Tractor or Quad from the standard 3 point hitch to the Sport Quad transportation option
  • unique tine configuration for maximum coverage and superior performance

The fds series Turf Dethatchers are high performing, durable and user friendly and regularly used by field managers to maintain the original performance standards of their turf for longevity. Here are some important benefits for sports' turf managers when using Wood Bay's Turf Dethatchers:

  • fds series levels/redistributes infill material quickly and restores fibres to stand upright (flattened exposed fibres) very important for synthetic turf
  • lower G-max rating longer for reduced threat of injuries to athletes or park users from over compaction of artificial turf
  • faster soccer ball movement with a predictable ball bounce and roll on an even surface
  • proper maintenance of synthetic surfaces increases their longevity
  • loosening the top portion of the synthetic infill material without damaging the grass fibers provides the athlete the feel of "real grass"
  • assist root zone to drain well and incorporate conditioner amendments into turf gradually with improved distribution
  • improved aesthetic appearance after grooming with the fds series will attract increased number of participants
  • magnetic attachment to help remove metal or sharp objects left on fields
  • evenly distributes top dressing and smooth divots and is excellent for creating seed bed for overseeding and spot seeding in thin areas
  • can be pulled by tractor or quad making the fds easy to transport from field to field or track to track


The dynaBLADE is a perfect example of a design improvement in any verti-cut blade. Wood Bay’s world famous tungsten carbide tipped verti-cut blades are the perfect replacement for the regular blades of most leading OEM’s verti-cut machines. dynaBLADES are designed and manufactured to meet your scarifying/verti-cutting machine’s exact blade specifications, with notable improvements. Check out our Blade Specification Chart in the dynaBLADE product section to identify which blade fits your machine. If we don’t have blades to fit your machine we can custom-build blades to fit your machine.

How will dynaBLADE handle your turf cutting needs better than any other verti-cutting blade?

The tungsten carbide tip:

  • provides a more precise and sharper cut
  • dethatches, while cutting and creating an excellent seed bed
  • increases blade life, exponentially

A specially designed and precisely located fin:

  • provides a “vacuum” effect which helps collect more grass cuttings into the catcher
  • increases economic benefits and see a big reduction in maintenance time and cost for your sport fields

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