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dynaBLADE, fds series Dethatchers, greensIRON 3900 greens roller with Turf Broom and Turf Ventilator attachments, multi-use and side-loading trailers, high voltage lights and an electric start.

Raise the standard of your greens, approaches and fairways. Save time and money. Invest in Wood Bay's range of superior turf equipment.


Our range of specialty golf course and turf maintenance products complement, enhance and often make timely and significant improvements to turf care equipment manufactured by many of the world’s leading turf equipment suppliers. A perfect example of a design improvement is the dynaBLADE, Wood Bay's tungsten carbide tipped verti-cut blade, the perfect replacement blade for leading OEM verti-cut heads. In use on golf courses all over the world, dynaBLADES are designed and manufactured to your verti-cutting head exact blade specifications, but with notable improvements.

The tungsten carbide tipped dynaBLADE:

  • provides a more precise and sharper cut of the grass blade (no browning);
  • dethatches, while opening the turf canopy for overseeding and top dressing;
  • increases blade and mower life; and
  • the operator can select standard or slim line blades to meet exacting requirements of your turf conditions.

A specially designed and precisely located fin:

  • provides a “vacuum” air flow effect which helps direct thatch / grass cuttings into catcher; and
  • reduces maintenance time in getting greens ready for play.

Finally, dynaBLADE is extremely price competitive... even when compared to regular OEM blades. Check out our Blade Specification Chart in the dynaBLADE product section to identify which blade fits your mower and dethatching requirements. If we don’t have blades to fit your turf care equipment why not try our custom built dynaBLADES?


Spend less time in fairway restoration and preparation. Use your staff time more effectively. Invest in Wood Bay's speedy and versatile fds series Dethatchers. The fds series Dethatchers cover ground fast and efficiently and are designed to handle severe undulations with ease.

What special features do the fds series Dethatchers have to help with my fairway thatch and related management issues?

  • 46 inch - 92 inch operating swath to cover fairways and rough quickly
  • 4 - free floating sections optomize hillside performance and accommodate undulations on fairways and very hard and very rough ground in heavily utilized/compacted areas
  • durable, spring-loaded 16 inch tines bring up more thatch and are much more durable than stiff tines
  • excellent for raking up tall fescue in autumn after cutting with rotory mower
  • assist in silt dispersal in flooded areas
  • increase turf growth in shady, poorly drained areas (spring)
  • suitable for multiple turf varieties with large acreages to be maintained
  • a variable height control system provides greater operator convenience
  • can be manoeuvred with ease around trees, and golf course signage/furniture/utility boxes
  • easy hook up to your tractor or quad  , drive up, attach the 3 point hitch and drive away
  • convenient to park in small building spaces and storage areas
  • quick install transportation lock for easy transportation from sports facilities
  • built -in height adjustment rachet for accurate and higher performance allows the operator to quickly adjust the dethatching pressure from light to aggressive
  • attachments such as a magnetic bar to improve ground safety for athletes
  • dragmat/broom to evenly level natural and synthetic playing surfaces
  • quick change carrier for the fds Sport - from trouble-free three-point hitch to a sport quad transportation option

Wood Bay’s fds series Dethatchers are unique, versatile, multi-facility products, and come with attractive pricing


You would like to increase the average ball roll distance (BRD) from 6.5 to a respectable 8.5 to 10.0 + feet (classified as fast by the USGA) for your upcoming club tournament. Wood Bay’s greensIRON 3900 Turf Roller will increase your green speeds with operator ease and raise the standard to the smooth consistency required to enable all golfers the best opportunity to make longer putts more often. The greensIRON 3900 has a reputation for rolling greens to perfection at major tournaments, such as the Scottish Senior Open on the Torrance Course at St. Andrews, as well as many other top tournaments / courses throughout the world. The greensIRON is known to superintendents for its comfort, convenience and reliability.

Golf clubs that use Wood Bay's greensIRON and its accessories on a regular basis have experienced success in a number of areas:

  • good membership retention and an increase in club memberships;
  • savings in course maintenance costs (top dressing material);
  • savings in equipment maintenance (mowers) and replacement parts; and
  • an increase in golf visitations and more compliments about playing conditions from visitors, members and pros alike.

What outstanding features and options make our greensIRON 3900 an industry leader and a favourite among turf maintenance staff world wide? 

  • fast, efficient and economical to operate - 18-holes on a single tank of fuel;
  • two-pedal hydrostatic drive for effortless and infinite speed selections and equipment direction change;
  • easy to manoeuvre in all operating conditions - excellent stability;
  • superior climbing ability on the steepest of approaches and undulating wet greens;
  • equipped with the extremely reliable Honda GX160 5.5 hp engine and an equally long life and easy to maintain Hydro-Gear 10 cc piston pump and hydraulic transmission;
  • speedy green to green transportation using a multi-use trailer, standard with the greensIRON 3900;
  • precisely engineered accessories that easily attach to the greensIRON and replace other stand alone equipment, to create the perfect grooming experience, while saving on both maintenance time and capital expenditure;
  • trouble free oil change without tools is simple - remove a single nut on the oil drain hose;
  • digital hour / rpm meter for servicing;
  • comfortable high back seat and shock-absorbing motor mounts / add to a much improved operator experience;
  • tilt seat system provides excellent access to engine and drive system;
  • attach and removal of Turf Broom and Turf Ventilator is easy - lower the attachments into the operating position and go; and
  • finally and most importantly, a very competitive price tag.


Create the complete grooming package with our greensIRON 3900 attachments, Turf Broom and Turf Ventilator, described as the best "one two punch" in the business.

No more drag mats or manual brushing, the Turf Broom is easily attached to the greensIRON and combines two tasks (rolling and brushing) in one. Using our Turf Broom means:

  • less top dressing material required;
  • less wear to mower bottom blade and reels;
  • reduction in maintenance time - "work smarter not harder"; and
  • minimal disturbance to golfers results in increased revenue generated for both the golf course and pro shop;

An effective alternative to spiking, the Turf Ventilator is easily attached to the greensIRON to combine rolling and spiking in one easy pass. Wood Bay’s Turf Ventilator:

  • aerates your turf and relieves surface compaction;
  • penetrates the root zone to enhance water percolation rate / fertilizer absorption;
  • encourages new growth and healthier turf; and
  • helps create consistent putting speeds


A handy, multi-use trailer is standard with each greensIRON 3900 for quick and easy transportation from green to green. If your course greens have accessibility problems such as narrow bridges and pathways, Wood Bay has designed a side-loading trailer to meet unique conditions. Dusk to dawn operation is never an issue. Wood Bay's two 12 volt 25 watt lights, convenient on-off switch and electric start provide for increased productivity when early morning to late night maintenance activities are required.

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