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Lawn Bowling


Wood Bay’s greensIRON 6200 Turf Roller is a light weight roller (500 lbs - 227 kg) designed primarily for rolling natural grass Lawn Tennis courts and Lawn Bowling greens. The roller is key to preparing the perfect bowling surface. Your greens will be smoother, more consistent from rink to rink and look better than ever. In addition, lawn bowling clubs that use our roller have generally experienced not only success in membership retention, but an increase in the numbers of new members (juniors to senior players). Wood Bay's greensIRON 6200 has been the roller of choice (sometimes referred to as a "polisher") at World Bowls, Commonwealth Games, Asia Pacific, USA and Canadian National Championships and club tournaments world wide.

What special features make the Wood Bay greensIRON 6200 the choice of greenkeepers?

  • fast, efficient and economical - iron a green in 10 to 15 minutes;
  • easy to steer and manoeuvre - minimal overlap and consistently paced rinks;
  • equipped with the extremely reliable Honda GX160 5.5 hp engine and an equally reliable and easy to maintain Hydro-Gear 10 cc piston pump and hydraulic transmission;
  • servicing takes only minutes with just four grease points;
  • special order turf broom is very effective when applying light to heavy top dressing;
  • comfortable high-back seat and open access to motor and drive train;
  • three rollers engineered to "roll in" new sodded areas under repair; and
  • two wheel trolley for convenient storage, transport and turning in tight areas.

Make our greensIRON 6200 turf roller part of your lawn bowling green(s) maintenance solution and receive high praise from the greenskeeper, club members and visiting players.


The ATM Hydro Mower is described by the manufacturer as "simple" - probably more likely... "simply the best". To greenskeepers it may be ‘simple’ to use and ‘simple’ to service but it is a high quality performer. It is the perfect replacement for the highly regarded 30” Scott Bonnar Queen mower which has been the North American standard bowling green mower for many decades. The ATM Hydro Mower has gained an excellent reputation and is now part of Wood Bay’s lawn bowling care and maintenance equipment. Wood Bay continues to maintain an excellent 24 hour parts shipment service for most Scott Bonnar Queen parts.

Why do greenkeepers prefer the ATM Hydro Mower?

  • extremely reliable chain drive system with fewer serviceable parts than other bowling green mowers;
  • Honda motor and Hydro-Gear transmission provides infinitely variable speed control to give the operator full control over cutting speeds - especially important in the tight corners of greens;
  • the major replacement parts for the ATM mower are identical to and virtually interchangeable with the Scott Bonnar Queen mower;
  • easily moved from place to place without powering up the mower;
  • operator controls are conveniently located on the handle bar and easy to use;
  • 16 blade reel provides a high frequency of clip per metre and is made of hardened steel for more hours of uninterrupted mowing;
  • 30 inch cutting swath reduces mowing time;
  • interchangeable vertical-cutting reel (2.0 and 1.2 mm tungsten carbide tipped blades) for high speed dethatching and preparing turf for overseeding / topdressing;
  • quick release large capacity catcher and height adjustment gauge is standard with all ATM mowers;
  • one - year warranty; and
  • extremely competitve price tag.

Cut, Rake and Roll with Wood Bay’s line of turf care and maintenance products.

WOOD BAY SUPPLIES PARTS FOR THE SCOTT BONNAR 30" QUEEN MOWER. Call any of our numbers and talk to one of our Sales staff for more information.


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