Working its Magic in Parks, Landscapes and Recreational Areas

Parks and Recreation


As well as successfully handling the thatch on golf course fairways and sports fields, Wood Bay’s fds series Dethatchers can also be seen working their magic in parks and open spaces and heavily used recreational areas. Wherever excessive organic material is a problem and aesthetics are of primary consideration, the fds series Dethatchers will save you time and money. The fds 9200, 6000 and 4600 Dethatchers are the perfect tools to maximize your investment in natural and artificial turf maintenance.

What special features do the fds series Dethatchers have to help field managers with their natural turf dethatching and decompacting of synthetic fields?

  • 16 inch tines reach down into your turf loosening and removing thatch to allow moisture to reach grass roots and encourage new growth in picnic / open space areas;
  • adjustable height of the 288 spring-loaded tines easily handles variable turf conditions;
  • the tines resonate to bring up more thatch on natural turf and decompact artificial turf without damaging fibers;
  • spring-loaded tines are much more durable and less invasive than shorter stiff harrow tines;
  • The fds 9200 will cover more ground in one pass quicker than other dethatching equipment (92 inch swath);
  • 4 free floating sections will easily handle undulations in parklands;
  • an easy hook up to your tractor, simply drive up, attach the hitch and drive away; and
  • the fds series Dethatchers are unique, versatile, multi-facility products carrying very low price tags.

What high performing, durable and user friendly equipment is used by field managers to maintain the original performance standards of their turf longer - the fds series Dethatchers. Some of the benefits to be gained in a field management program include:

  • level and redistribute synthetic infill material quickly and restore fibres to stand upright - very important
  • lower the G-max rating - reduced threat of litigation/injuries to athletes/park users from over compacted fields
  • help to sustain faster movement of soccer balls, with a predictable ball bounce and roll on an even surface
  • great for breaking up hard baseball/softball infield skins - provide a true and predictable bounce
  • improved footing and sliding conditions for ball players
  • maintenance of synthetic surface increases longevity
  • the improved aesthetic appearance after grooming with the fds series Dethatchers attracts increasing numbers of participants
  • loosens the infill material and gives the athlete the feel of "real grass"
  • pulled by a low hp tractor or quad the fds series Dethatchers are the answer to perfect aesthetics for your park synthetic fields and playgrounds.


The dynaBLADE is a perfect example of a design improvement in any verti-cut blade. Wood Bay’s world famous tungsten carbide tipped verti-cut blades are the perfect replacement for regular blades of most leading OEM’s verti-cut heads / machines. dynaBLADES are designed and manufactured to meet your verti-cutting machine’s exact blade specifications, with notable improvements. Check out our Blade Specification Chart in the dynaBLADE product section to identify which blade fits your machine. If we don’t have blades to fit your mower why not try our custom built dynaBLADES?

How will the dynaBLADE handle your turf cutting needs better than any other verti-cutting blade?

The tungsten carbide tip:

  • provides a more precise and sharper cut for overseeding
  • dethatches while cutting
  • increases blade life, exponentially

A specially designed and precisely located fin:

  • provides a “vacuum” effect which helps collect more grass cuttings into the catcher
  • increases economic benefits (you'll see a big reduction in maintenance times and costs)

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