Experience not only Success in Membership Retention, but an Increase in the Numbers of Memberships



Tennis can be played on a variety of surfaces ... grass, clay / Har-Tru and hard courts being the most popular.  The greensIRON 3900 turf roller may be used to roll clay / Har-Tru or grass courts but the greensIRON 6200 is designed specifically for this type of maintenance activity. Wood Bay’s greensIRON 6200 Turf Roller is light weight and is easily manoeuvreable on all types of court surfaces (500 lbs - 277 kg) with specialty options (lights, electric start, turf broom).  The 6200 also handles clay extremely well. So, whether your facility has grass or clay or a combination of both playing surfaces, the greensIRON 6200 turf roller is key to preparing and maintaining the perfect playing surface. Your courts will be smoother, play faster, provide a consistent and predictable bounce and have that all important professional look. Tennis clubs that use the Wood Bay roller have experienced both success in membership retention, and an increase in the numbers of new memberships.

What design features make our greensIRON 6200 a favourite among grass and clay / Har-Tru court maintenance staff?

  • fast, efficient with a 62 inch swath and economical... "we don't keep the players waiting in the morning";
  • easy to steer and manoeuvre around posts / nets and transport through narrow gates;
  • equipped with an extremely reliable Honda GX160 5.5 hp engine and an equally reliable and easy to maintain Hydro-Gear 10 cc piston pump and hydraulic transmission;
  • the 62 inch roller length, in combination with the Turf Broom attachment, helps maintain an even playing surface;
  • Turf Broom attachment for effective brushing of top dressing; and
  • a very competitive price tag.

Tennis courts rolled with the greensIRON 6200 is a critically important step in undertaking patching and top dressing activities in your regular maintenance program.

What are the key benefits in using the greensIRON 6200?

  • helps create surface structural quality and a hard wearing sward (grass courts);
  • puts an even and predictable bounce into your grass and clay / Har-Tru courts;
  • maintains a consistently firm and solid surface condition during summer months;
  • removes morning dew, never keep players waiting;
  • gives courts that professional look - players love to play on attractive courts; and
  • the Turf Broom attachment helps retain surface moisture in clay / Har-Tru courts and reduces erosion.

Those clubs who use the greensIRON 6200 roller offer some really good advice, such as: roll your new and refurbished courts daily and spring rolling diagonally to the direction of play will help rectify soil movement during winter months.

Make the greensIRON 6200 part of your turf care and maintenance schedule and receive high praise from members and visiting players.

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