Putting Greens: Speed Kills

Turf is much healthier when mowed higher and rolled, compared to being mowed lower. Research shows that frequent rolling (even five times per week), will not cause compaction or other turf health problems. Rolling is a great way to get fast, smooth greens and still maintain healthy turfgrass. Wood Bay Turf Technologies' greensIRON 3900 turf roller is used by golf course superintendents throughout the world to provide golf pros, members and visitors alike with the best possible putting advantage.

Develop Your Maintenance Program. David Wienecke, CPAg, southwest region agronomist for the USGA Green Section provides some very useful advice for Golf Course Superintendents, for maintaining healthier putting greens in his article titled " Putting greens: Speed Kills." In this article he provides a step-by-step procedure for developing a comprehensive greens management program that will result in great putting greens without scalping them to death.

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