Customer Service

Wood Bay customers have an inherent expectation that they will be treated well and in a friendly, kind, and respectful manner and that their parts orders will be shipped as efficiently as possible. We are committed to ensuring that your pricing expectations are met - no surprises! Answering your questions and being knowledgeable about our equipment, parts availability and services are important aspects of our customer service policy. Should you have any questions regarding our turf care products or services or are making general enquiries about product pricing, please call 780.468.4378 or toll free North America-wide at 1.800.661.4942 or you can reach us at Do you have our equipment catalogue? For Special Promotions - check our website Simply put, Wood Bay continuously employs new methods to provide more information on all our new equipment and upgrade kits.

Parts Ordering

When ordering new equipment or parts, please call either 780.468.4378 or toll free North America-wide at 1.800.661.4942 or you can reach our order desk at and speak to an experienced parts and equipment specialist. Our staff will also advise you of the local distributor. Generally Wood Bay and our distributors are pleased to have your parts order shipped within 24 hours - our pledge to you. Need credit card service - our service just got better with VISA and Mastercard - we want to make your parts ordering job easier- just call!