A. Pereira Jordão, Lda

Since their inception in 1940 A. Pereira Jordão, Lda has proved to be a progressive company that continually seeks the highest level in green space solutions to present to their customers. They believe that the essential pillars of success are personal service, close proximity to their customers and to deliver the highest quality in products and customer service. As such A. Pereira Jordão is one of Wood Bay's principal European distributors for the fds9200 and dynaBLADE as well as Wood Bay's greens rollers the greensIRON 3900 and greensIRON 6200.


Zona Industrial da Maia I Via Sá Carneiro Sector X - Lote 12, 132 Germunde


Phone #: 
(351) 229 479 650
Fax #: 
(351) 229 479 659