The Savings in Maintenance Time to Handle Acres and Acres of Sod

Sod Farming

The turf grower’s primary concern in the past has been to develop sod by enhancing root and rhizome development and stolon growth. Irrigation is also very important because excess moisture can lead to stresses such as a lack of oxygen for rooting, an increase in weeds and diseases, and increased difficulties in mowing. Depending on the type of grass being grown, mowing is conducted on a 3, 4 or 5 day cycle with a gang or wide rotary mower. However, from time to time, weather affects the routine and an accumulation of leaves and cuttings etc. need to be removed. Excessive shoot growth can increase thatch production. Today, high quality sod is in the field for longer and longer periods of time before harvesting, requiring low cost maintenance procedures for the grower - an important function of the fds 9200 Turf Dethatcher.


As well as successfully removing thatch (matted/dead plant material) mechanically on golf course fairways and sports fields, Wood Bay’s fds series Dethatchers can also be seen working their magic in parks and open space areas, recreational sites and at Sod Farms. Thatch builds up naturally over a period of time which can result in increased disease, insect and weed infestations. Whenever thatch is a problem, Wood Bay’s fds series Dethatchers are very important machines, helping to reduce the need for traditional hollow tining equipment and other time consuming aeration practices.

What special features do the fds series Dethatchers have to help with your dethatching needs?

  • flexible tines reach down into your turf, removing thatch to allow moisture and fertilizer to reach grass roots and encourage new growth
  • spring-loaded tines easily handle variations in turf condition/age
  • the tines resonate to vertically stand up new grass
  • help remove seed heads
  • spring-loaded tines are much less invasive and much more durable than short stiff harrow tines
  • The fds 9200 Dethatcher, in particular, will cover more ground in one pass quicker than other dethatching equipment (A Big Rake with a 92 inch operating width)
  • a quick height control system, adjustable light to aggressive downward pressure with the minimal of operator effort
  • easy hook up to your tractor or quad, simply drive up, attach the 3 point hitch, unhook the parking rods and drive away. The latest series of Dethatchers offer a Quad (ATV) transportation option
  • the fds series Dethatchers are unique, versatile products, built for multi-facility use, each carrying a VERY LOW price tag.


Verti-cutting grass is recommended only when thatch has accumulated beyond the ability to control it using other methods. Verti-cutting is not recommended too late in the Fall because turf typically needs 30 days of good growing weather before Winter. In addition, when verti-cutting in Spring, the 30 day rule applies before the higher Summer temperatures arrive. Blades should be set shallowly to cut through the top layer of thatch. Several passes through a field in a variety of directions may be necessary. Wood Bay’s dynaBLADE is a perfect example of a design improvement in any verti-cut blade. Our world famous tungsten carbide tipped verti-cut blades are the perfect replacement for the regular blades of most leading OEM’s verti-cut machines. dynaBLADES are designed and manufactured to your machine’s exact blade specifications, with notable improvements. Check out our Blade Specification Chart in the dynaBLADE product section to identify which blade fits your machine. If we don’t have blades to fit your machine, why not try our custom built dynaBLADES?

How will the dynaBLADE handle your turf cutting needs better than any other verti-cutting blade?

The tungsten carbide tip:

  • provides a more precise and sharper cut;
  • dethatches, while standing up turf; and
  • increases blade life, exponentially.

A specially designed and precisely located fin:

  • provides a “vacuum” effect which helps collect more grass cuttings into the catcher; and
  • economic benefits are there to be seen in a big reduction in maintenance time.

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