Do CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS make the difference between Success and Failure?

Nothing says more about a company, its products and the service it provides than customer testimonials. Wood Bay Turf Technologies prides itself on keeping abreast of turf maintenance trends and helping to address many of the practical concerns that turf maintenance specialists have to deal with. Major setbacks for turf professionals include clean ups after adverse weather conditions (floods in particular) and silt removal is a prime example. Bruce Klassen of the Royal Regina Golf Club, Saskatchewan, Canada, said “We were flooded on the low level of the golf course and had some silt pile up. We harrowed with the fds 9200 down to the original grade.”

On another occasion regarding savings in time and money, professional Turf Contractor Tim Poore of New York said, “I purchased the fds 9200 sport for a huge private estate… great piece of equipment. What usually takes me well over a week I did in a day and a half. It does a much better job also. Money well spent!”

Terry Yez, Turf Technician/Operator for the City of Leduc, Alberta, Canada, felt the fds 9200 was a great addition to his fleet of turf maintenance vehicles, “The fds 9200 has made grooming skinned areas on ball diamonds a simple and speedy task. Spring time dethatching, working in topdressing, breaking up aeration cores, nail dragging ball diamond shale, the machine has quickly become an invaluable piece of equipment. It provides a simple and speedy solution to sprucing up a field, cleaning up heavily trafficked areas and quickly standing up turf to allow for a quality mow.”

As a solution in helping reduce risks of injuries to the Baltimore Ravens' Football players, Don Follett, Director of Fields and Grounds said, "It’s just what the doctor ordered. The fds 9200’s spring-loaded tines get down into the artificial grass fibers and bring the sand and rubber infill to the top better than any other tool I have used. I use it once a week to soften up these fields because it gets pretty hard when you’ve got 300lb guys falling on them."

From the responses of our customers we at Wood Bay have determined that our invention appears to be one of the most versatile pieces of turf maintenance equipment around. In its early days the fds 9200 could be towed only by a tractor but now our customers can use Tractor or Quad (ATV), whatever is at their disposal.

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