Dogs and Golf

Should dogs be allowed on golf courses? What do you think?

Here's a few articles to stimulate your imagination:

A View from the Cart - the story of Mulligan

The Ball Retriever - Some British dogs are taught to find golf balls in some impossible places

No dogs allowed - The Melrose Parks Commission considers a compromise

Personally, I think some owners should be banned because their dogs behave much better than they do.

Some Scottish links courses allow dogs and are very popular among non golfing walkers. I guess this is the penalty you pay for playing some of the world's most challenging courses. Check out these interesting takes on Scottish links golf. The articles open with a comment from one of golf's greatest exponents... "It took me a number of years and visits to Scotland before I caught on that links golf was the traditional way to play the game and above all, that it was fun." Tom Watson

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Golf is a matter of testing your skills against your opponent's luck. Trust the Scots to use dogs as caddies... great website by the way!


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