The Evolution of the Roller

Well known agronomist, Chris Hartwiger, gives a brief history of the golf roller, talks about the ‘ups and downs’ of rolling and introduces the Roll Factor, considered to be the most accurate means of establishing the amount of compaction a roller may contribute to... the lower the better. The study was published in 1996 and is definitely worth a read... read about it, then add your response.

Using Hartwiger’s Roll Factor equation, Wood Bay’s greensIRON 3900 turf roller comes out tops among dedicated lightweight rollers, with a roll factor of less than 0.85. In fact, it turns out that the roll factors of many other lightweight rollers are 1.00 or more, some significantly and surprisingly above that number... Consider the greensIRON 3900 turf roller to be your first choice and add it to your fleet of turf care and maintenance machines. "Make a big impact without leaving one"

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