Impressive, a Testament to its Versatility & Savings in Time and Money

Tim Poore, regarding the fds 9200 Sport Dethatcher. "I purchased it for a large private estate. Great piece of equipment. What usually takes me well over a week I did in a day and a half. It also does a great job. Money well spent."
Nick Becker, Western Equipment. "Using the fds 9200 saved the grounds' crew at Burlington School District half a days work or better."
VERY IMPRESSIVE, A GREAT ADDITION TO ANY FLEET OF TURF EQUIPMENT David W. Willmont, The Sharon Golf Club, Ohio. "The fds 9200 is working great. We ran it on our fairways and they look great. It is my intention that we will repeat the operation in June. I am impressed with the fds 9200 and think it's a great addition to our operation."
Joe Kovolyan, Manager of Grounds, University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, Washington. "We use the fds 9200 all the time on all our natural fields and also campus lawns. It has been a great tool for us." VERSATILE, A GREAT HELP DURING FLOOD RECOVERY
Aaron Porter, Fargo Country Club, North Dakota. "The fds 9200 is a tool I can guarantee will help me with my continual flood recovery."
Bruce Klassen, Royal Regina Golf Club, Regina, Canada. "We were flooded on the low level of the golf course and had some silt pile up. We harrowed using the fds 9200 down to original grade."

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