A Sensless Act of Vandalism

A community was devastated by extensive damage to their golf course by ATV drivers. The 11th hole at Riverhills Golf Course in Clyde River, N.S. was extensively damaged after a number of all-terrain vehicles tore up greens and fairways. What took years to develop was destroyed in a matter of minutes. Not only is the golf club facing a monumental repair bill, thousands of dollars in man-hours, but under normal circumstances, this green could take up to a year to properly repair.

Ryan Dixon, chair of the green division at River Hills and one of the top golfers in Nova Scotia, said, “Greens are fussy. They take a lot of time to heal. They're very sensitive.” Let’s hope the Riverhills golfing community can take full advantage of Wood Bay’s fds 9200 Turf Dethatcher to help speed up repairs, as well as using our greensIRON 3900 turf roller to help restore the greens to their former glory.

You can read more about this article and see the descriptive video at the CTV Atalantic News website

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